Our Mission:

To facilitate a “community of caring” by drawing upon the experience and resources within the Lake Norman community to improve the human condition of those suffering and affected by cancer, and to positively impact the lives of children and others in need in our community. To seek out, screen and selectively offer financial support to organizations that effectively enrich our community with charitable works and services consistent with this mission.

Hope at The Lake Foundation focuses on the 3 C’s which are:

Defeating Cancer

Cancer causes every one in four deaths in the U.S. Over 1500 people a day die from some form of cancer. Over 1,300,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year. But cancer is more than just a statistic to us.

Community Service

We feel that giving often times means more than writing a check. Sometimes it requires rolling up your sleeves and working with our community leaders to complete much needed projects that cannot be funded or are under funded.

Supporting Children

Particularly children at risk in the Mooresville/Iredell County area. There is no better way to support our community than to help children get the opportunity to succeed in life. Our objective is to actively give and participate with organizations in this area that work with these disadvantaged children.


Hope at The Lake Foundation (formerly Hope at The Point Foundation) came into being as a result of the untimely death from brain cancer of a member of The Point community. His golfing buddies wanted to remember him by raising money to help fight the deadly disease and thus the Scramble for Hope Golf Tournament was started. An amazing outpouring of support and care from the community resulted in the formation of the Foundation the next year. Donations have benefited tens of thousands in our community through our charitable events. Volunteers have come forward in countless ways to support our efforts to better our community and assist those unfortunate. The Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.